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3 Uses For Recycled Scrap Metal

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When recycled metal is used, there’s a reduction in air pollution, water usage and water pollution when compared to the use of virgin metal. Recycling metal also reduces the pressure on landfill sites, and when you take your scrap metal to a recycling centre, you have the additional benefit of earning some spare cash for it. So, what actually happen to scrap metal? Here’s an overview of three ways recycled scrap metal is used: Read More»

Scrap Metal Recycling: How to Get the Best Rates for Your Scrap Metal

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The scrap metal industry experiences significant price fluctuations every year, and it’s hard to ascertain the metal pricing rates at a particular time in the future. However, if you wish to sell scrap metal, it is important to devise ways in which you can get the best rates for it. There are various factors that scrappers consider when establishing the value of scrap. Here are some valuable tips that will help you get the best rates for your scrap metal. Read More»

Raise Money for Charity and Help the Environment by Selling Scrap Metal

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There are so many good causes to give to nowadays, it can be hard to drum up support for another. Novel or unconventional methods can often encourage people to give to your collection, so why not ask people to donate scrap metal? You might have seen charities that ask people to donate items to be sold, rather than giving money - this suggestion takes that concept one step further. Asking people to donate their scrap metal will capture attention, and can raise large amounts of money, as well as helping the environment. Read More»