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Scrap Metal Recycling: How to Get the Best Rates for Your Scrap Metal

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The scrap metal industry experiences significant price fluctuations every year, and it's hard to ascertain the metal pricing rates at a particular time in the future. However, if you wish to sell scrap metal, it is important to devise ways in which you can get the best rates for it. There are various factors that scrappers consider when establishing the value of scrap. Here are some valuable tips that will help you get the best rates for your scrap metal.

Choose valuable metals

Some metals are more valuable than others, and these are the metals that you should target if your aim is to make money. Here is a breakdown of the commonly recycled metals and how they fair in terms of value.

Copper scrap metal is one of the most valuable metals to scrappers. It is found in plumbing systems, electrical wires, roofing materials, ornaments, electronics and machinery. Copper is valuable due to its versatility and conductive properties. Also, it is resistant to corrosion and can maintain high performance even after being recycled.

Brass is less valuable than copper, but you can get good rates for it as well. It is a heavy metal with a characteristic yellow colour and is commonly found in light fixtures, door fixtures and keys.

These are the metals you should consider recycling if you want to make the most money. Aluminium and steel are also commonly recycled, but they are less valuable than brass and copper.

Prepare the metals

Scrap yards usually pay for labour to prepare scrap metal for recycling. The preparation process involves disassembling the metals, separating the various types and cleaning them to get rid of mud, oil and dirt from the surface. Cleaning the scrap metals before presenting them to the scrappers can help you get a better price since they won't need labourers to prepare them. Ensure that you separate the various types of metal such as copper and its alloys, brass, aluminium and steel.

Check the prices

As aforementioned, the scrap metal industry faces price fluctuations very often. Checking the prices before trading scrap can help you get a better rate for them by selling during the peak season. You can make use of the recession period when the rates are low by collecting more scraps and preparing them for the peak season.

These tips will help you get the best rates for your scrap metal. Also, compare the prices offered by various scrappers in your location before settling for one.