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Why Is Aluminium Sought-After as Scrap Metal?

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All sorts of metal can be recycled effectively. Probably the most sought-after metals are the precious ones, such as gold, silver and palladium, for example. However, this is primarily based on the intrinsic value of such metals. Other metals, such as copper, which are much more abundant and, therefore, less costly, are also in demand by metal recycling businesses. Among the most useful scrap metals today in Australia is aluminium. What makes this particular metal so sought-after and why should you ensure any old material you have made from aluminium is recycled? Read on to find out.

Long-Lasting and Durable

To begin with, even aluminium that has oxidised to some extent from exposure to water or spray continues to look good. Because it has an attractive, silvery appearance even in its rusted state, aluminium will last for a very long time. As such, there is not much reprocessing you need to do to recycle it. Unlike steel, for example, which rusts very unattractively, scrap aluminium that is old can be made to look fresh and new with minimal effort.

Easy to Melt

Although it is strong and used for anything from window frames to step ladders, aluminium doesn't take a lot of energy to recycle. Unlike other scrap metals, you can melt them without applying much heat. Once it has been melted, scrap aluminium from various sources will combine together straightforwardly with almost no degradation to the overall performance of the material.

Convenient to Extrude

One of the reasons why aluminium is so widely used in industry is that it can be formed into various profile shapes with ease. This is because its relatively low melting point also means that it is easy to make pliable for the purpose of extruding it. What this means is that you can force recycled aluminium through a die at a low cost, making it a cheap material to repurpose compared to some scrap metals.

High Scrap Valuations

Thanks to its great versatility, high tensile strength and attractive appearance, aluminium is widely used in manufacturing industries as well as by fabrication firms. Because it is in demand and relatively simple to reprocess, even if it has aged somewhat, aluminium continues to fetch a relatively high price compared to other metals. Thanks to the price you can get for it, removing aluminium from your waste so that it doesn't end up in a landfill site is the primary economic driver behind recycling it.

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