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Common Sources of Waste Copper in Residential Homes

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Metal recycling has become an integral part of the metal manufacturing industry, benefiting the environment and business owners. Waste copper is particularly in demand due to the many applications the metal is used for. While it is not business savvy to specialise in collecting a specific type of metal, it is worth remembering that some are more valuable than others. Thus, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with the different sources of waste copper metal. You will be surprised to learn that you can get a lot of waste copper from residential homes. This post highlights common sources of waste copper in residential homes.

Electrical Wiring

The first source of copper commonly found in homes is electrical wiring. Notably, electrical cables are made from copper wires insulated with plastic sheathing. Most homeowners have electrical copper wires tucked somewhere in their garage, mostly from previous wiring exercises such as renovations. Another source of electrical wiring in homes is common old electric appliances like obsolete electronics, AC units, washers and dryers, fridges, and cookers. While not every home has old appliances, the chances are high that most do. However, you must be prepared when looking for electrical copper wires because some homeowners might ask you to take whole appliances. Thus, it helps to have a means of transport for such cases since it allows you to find more waste copper wires.


Another common source of waste copper in residential homes is plumbing. The reason is that copper does not easily corrode in moisture. Additionally, copper's high conductivity makes it ideal for a hot water system since it can retain heat for extended periods. Other characteristics that make copper a popular plumbing material are impermeability, durability, and, most importantly, sustainability. The above attributes and various benefits of copper force people to replace their PVC piping with copper pipes. Therefore, you can find a good amount of copper pipes, especially in new developments. Consequently, you should focus your search for copper pipes within and around recently constructed suburbs.

Door Fixtures and Lock Mechanisms

Door handles and knobs are commonly made from copper or copper alloys. It can be attributed to copper's anti-microbial and self-cleaning properties. Over time, homeowners upgrade their door fixtures and locks; hence, you can ask around for such items during your searches. That said, most homeowners are making their homes intelligent by installing smart locks; therefore, they have to replace copper knobs, handles, and pulls on doors. If you notice that a residential house uses smart locks, the chances are high that they have copper door fixtures tucked somewhere in their garage.

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